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Monsieur Eric Stromayer de l’ambassade des Etats Unis à Madagascar

Monsieur le représentant du PNUD à Madagascar

Monsieur le représentant de la Banque Mondiale à Madagascar

Jena Marc Chataigner de l’ambassade de France (Monsieur a préféré dormir au lieu d’écouter ses prédécesseurs, bravo le respect quoi!)

Oelisoa la responsable du nouveau centre de presse (pour le moment)

Creative Commons project Madagascar Lead by Miora Randrianaivojaona

Copyleft is an ordinary system that enables a program or any other specimen to be free, requiring then all modified and extended versions of the program to be free as well. In other words, anyone who uses Copyleft and redistributes information within or without changes must respect this concept of freedom of copy and modification. This guarantee is for all users.

Copyleft is another way of using the copyright program, reason why we reverse its name from « copyright » to « copyleft. » Copyleft exists through copyright; therefore copyright can’t be left out. Otherwise the use of copyleft would be impossible. The word « left » in « copyleft » itself is not a reference to the past of the verb « to leave », but is a mere reference to the opposite of « right ».

Creative Commons also called « CC », created by Lawrence Lessig in the U.S. in 2001 is one of the institutions that provide models of free licenses or copyleft on the internet. The licenses are comprised in the copyright legislation and the author is allowed to share his work over the terms of the legislation.

They have four 4 generic attributes:

-AUTHORSHIP: BY (requires the insertion of the author’s name or the right holder)
– NO CHANGE: ND (prevent creation of offshoot works)
– NO COMMERCIAL USE: NC (pecuniary interests excluded)
– SHARE ALIKE of initial conditions: SA (perpetual SA license to offshoot works)

These four attributes are cumulative according to available contracts which make all CC licenses perpetual and irrevocable. Even if the author decides to shift to another contract later on, those who benefit from the current Creative Commons license are still able to copy and disclose the toil.

The Creative Commons contracts are bound to the laws of the country where it is used. The interest lies in the country’s culture of free sharing, which requires a more accessible open right.

We can notice the current trend in Madagascar through the easy access to Internet, the recent increase in downloads on the Internet and particularly the emergence of free software in the market and also in resources centers like CNTEMAD. However, Malagasy laws concerning new technologies are old fashioned; therefore, it is essential to review and/or create other laws.

According to a survey conducted among a hundred of Malagasy internet users, not all users are aware of the value of sharing on the internet and few of them hardly know about it. But as long as technology remains a significant indicator of a country’s development, the minority is dissimulated among the mass and find their interests in it.

@Cafe de la gare; June 24, 2011
Next Step: Facebook page for all of us

‎#Madagascar: Rien ne va dans ce pays : Pratique politique depuis notre indépendance = zéro. Révolution Facebook/Révolution spontanée = Protecteur des faibles

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