RapidSMS in #Madagascar-Mobile SMS 4 social change-@unicef and @foko together to promote # ICT

On thursday,july,1st, we (@Mahefa,@Manjinja and I) were invited to a RapidSMS Seminar lead by Mr @Nic Pottier, RapidSMS Consultant to UNICEF Madagascar.

RapidSMS is an SMS-based tool that allows for mobile data collection and bulk sms messaging. User can collect both quantitative and qualitative data through SMS forms. RapidSMS also features bulk SMS messaging functionality similar to what you would find in desktop SMS tools like frontline SMS.

RapidSMS is relatively new project coming out of the @UNICEF  innovations and development team of the Youth Section in #New York. RapîdSMS requires strong technical skills to install and configure. For the organizations that are able to implement it, RapidSMS offers many advantages over a desktop system[…]

Mr @Pottier made a presentation on the RapidSMS platform – Origins,Structure, Capacity and Applications in Africa -followed by Q and A and discussion.

Maurice « Mo » J Apted is the Chief – C4D Comms Cluster – MRE/C4D/CSR UNICEF Madagascar

Foko‘s guys (@Manjinja: one of our citizen journalist;@Mahefa: one of our software developer)

Example: Monitoring child nutrition

RapidSMS system

Esoko is one of the RapidSMS project in #Rwanda

The participants

The funny boy: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and the Python Programming Language. (ilay python noresahina moa rehefa nohazavaina dia teo ambany ny masony fa indrisy moa ra namana tia misehoseho be dia somary niomehazany specialiste teknisianina ihany t@ fanontaniana izay napetrany)


  1. Tena mahakamo be ireto aperçu @ mouseover eto amin’ity pejy ity, ry Pakysse â ! Be loatra !

  2. Glapax

    Mitovy hevitra amin`i Barijaona ny tenako eto.

    Hono hoa, mety hafaka mahazo ilay ppt nanaovan`ry lerony presentation ve ny tenanay.

  3. pakysse

    Misaotra betsaka @ fanamarihana Barijaona a 🙂 ;sinon amin izao fotoan izao dia mitady fikambanana anao consultance momba ny « python » izany ny « ingenieur » iray manapahaizana momba ny RapidSMS koa raha mety dia mba alefaso mailaka amiko anie oe iza io fikambanan io dia miserasera ao isika fa tahka ny « interessant  » be ihany ilay izy e (tsy olona mahay python no tadiavindr zalahy fa tena fikambanan mitsangana ara-panjkana mihitsy izany e)

    Avy eo tonga dia ampidirio @ilay « responsable » ilay fikambanana.

    Misaotra betsaka e,

  4. pakysse

    ampidiriko amin’ilay « responsable » ilay fikambanana.

    @glapax sao dia maharaka ihany koa ianao anio organisation spé @ python io?
    Misaotra e

  5. thi is god work thank you

  6. this is good work thank you

  7. pakysse

    @live thanks

  8. Great stuff.Id like to recommend checking out things like sausages. What do you think?

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  1. 1 MOOV DE MERDE BIS « Pakysse

    […] : En étroite partenariat avec Unicef Madagascar pour la mise en place du système SMS […]

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