n682179783_404116_8831Stephane is a cofounder and community leader of FOKO Madagascar. He has a keen interest in deforestation issues in Madagascar and is the director of Green FOKO, the environmental arm of FOKO Madagascar. He has been writing on deforestation and tree planting, but also on human rights. As the last 10 months have been rife with violence in Madagascar, Stephane has been courageously reporting on breaches and incidents of violence on bloggers. Stephane is a leader of the fledgling blogging movement in Madagascar and is considered. In 2009 he was invited by OXFAM UK to become a proud member of Voiceteam for their writespeakact.org campaign to cover UN Summit for Climate Change and G20 Summit in USA. His works were published in French English and Malagasy at https://pakysse.wordpress.com.


  1. 1 [ClimateVoice] Il est temps, êtes-vous prêts? – It’s about time, are you ready ? « Pakysse

    […] d’un Fokoster dans cette équipe est un honneur pour notre communauté et nous tenons à remercier tout […]

  2. 2 A FOKO coordinator as part of the ClimateVoice team at UN summit on Climate Change « foko-madagascar

    […] Stéphane Ramananarivo has been the  coordinator based in Madagascar in charge of the very successful Blog Club project and the Green Foko environmental initiatives project. His efforts and commitment to development were often reported on GlobalVoices Online funded community, the Rising Voices’. Stéphane himself started blogging 2 years ago when he helped create Foko-Madagascar since then “Pakysse” has become one of Malagasy blogosphere most visited blogs. He publishes on his passion for social echues and politics and has painted a lively portraits of Malagasy life with his many videos and podcasts.When he is not travelling in Madagascar regions to train new Foko bloggers, he puts his excellent skills in networking and management in co-organizing Foko events (barcamps, tech days, press conferences…). When Oxfam America reached to Foko to invite a blogger as a part of the prestigious ClimateVoice and G20Voice teams, Stéphane was unanimely chosen. Since the day he left Madagascar for this long trip across the world, he has rised Foko and Africa’s flag with pride and excellency. […]

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