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Patricia Rakotomalala na i pati ny aranambositra fiantsoko anao ramatoa kely CHARGÉE DE MISSION ny tetikasa TANA-MASOANDRO ao @ Présidence Adriana Rakotomalala. Blogueuse ianao Pati ary isan’ireo tanora zandriny tena mpandray andraikitra tokoa teo @ ity tontolo iray ity.



Mpikambana mavitrika ary nisitraka zavatra tsara maro ianao tato @ fikambanana FOKO MADAGASCAR. Mbola tsy ampy taona ianao t@ izany fotoana izany no nazavaiko ny atao hoe « journalisme citoyen » t@ alalan’ny fampiasana blog.

Nisitraka zavatra tsara maro hoy aho ianao. Isan’izany ny formation niarahana t@ UNICEF t@ resaka photographie, ny formation t@ resaka photographie niarahana t@ artiste amerikanina sy ny mpikambana tao @ peace corps, nanao barcamp ianao ary efa nalefa voyage Invitée par le parlement européen en tant que bloggeuse lors de la journéee interdependante des jeunes à Bruxelles en 2008 niaraka t@ RISINGVOICES rantsana mpikarakara ny tetikasa ny blogging eo anivon’ny GLOBALVOICES. Aza adino ihany koa ny namana Tompokolahy ANDO tao @ RTA dia efa nanao inerview anao @ maha blogueuse anao. I Tompkolahy moa iny maty t@ 7 février iny anefa dia tena nanana tetikasa tsara dia tsara izahay miralahy mahakasika io tontolo io. Paix à son ame!




Raha tsiahivina moa ny fikambanana GLOBALVOICES no nahitana ity tetikasa Foko Blog Club ity 15 taona lasa izay. Fikambanana amerikanina matanjaka dia mitanjaka @ fampiroboroboana ny tontolon’ny 2.0 indrindra ny Blog ary any anaty oronantsary mahakasika ny WIKILEAKS sy JULIAN ASSANGE dia voatonona tsara ao ny fiarahan’ny roa tonta miasa.

Ny tiako ambara dia maro dia maro ianareo zanaka an-trano nivoaka tato anatiny fikambanana foko ary isan’izany i PATI. Mba te hanaitra ny sainao aho mahakasika ity hazalambo atao @ mpanao facebook sy ny blog eto Madagasikara ity mba hijery akaiky io tranga io @ maha blogueuse anao. Dia gaga aho raha nanao hesonteny ianao momba ny facebookers anefa dia olona nivoaka tao ianao ary mampiasa io takelaka io ihany koa hiserana.




Mba hijery akaiky satria, dia tena misy olona tsy mahalala fomba no sady tery saina manimba ny fahafahana miteny sy mizara vaovao anefa dia mampiasa azy io daholo ny rehetra ao andapa ao.

Zaraiko eto ny maha blogueuese any PATI satria, isan’ireo tanora tsy ampy taona t@ izany hitako fa tia mizara hevitra raha ny tenanao ka rariny sy hitsiny raha manaitra kely ity fanagadrana sy fisamborana mahazo ny valalabe mandry mampiasa ny réseaux sociaux ity aho. Ary tsindriako tsara fa ankizy nahita fianarana ianao ka tokony ho tsapanao ny dikany sy ny vokany fahafahana miteny sy ny mizara hevitra ho fanatsarana ny demokrasia indrindra eto Madagasikara.

Tsy matikambo aho raha miteny fa izahay FOKO MADAGASCAR no nanao ny vulgarisation ny tambazotra sosialy teto Madagasikara ary niasa mafy dia mafy niaraka t@ ireo karazana entité nisy teto an-toerana t@ fampiroboroboana azy ity 15 taona lasa izay.




As an activist blogger who fights all forms of social injustice and poverty, active in the fight against climate change, I don`t hesitate to say out loud what others think in silence.

Pakysse is my nickname (Type in Google and you will find my name) and my passion for citizen engagement started in the 90s when I was only a teenager eager for adventure within the Antilin’i Madagasikara (Catholic scouting) for many years.

I would like to pay tribute to my paternal grandparents for their experience, courage and self-sacrifice which, for the little story have always contribute to social transformation. My grandmother was one of the secretary of state in charge of the promotion of women during the Tsiranana`s regime. As for my grandfather, although he was trained as a civil administrator, he worked in trade union for the welfare and rights of workers as the Secretary General of the Confederation of Workers of Madagascar and the Comoros (union entity of the 50s and 60s). Their story has allowed me to develop my passion and desire to know myself and why I must help others.

In 2007, thanks to an open opportunity I was able to put in place the first and only association of citizen journalists (Blogging) in the country: FOKO MADAGASCAR, which is a full member of GlobalVoicesOnline bringing together bloggers, translators and journalists who follow and cover the news of the global blogosphere. This is mainly to promote the smooth running of democracy and freedom of expression, using new technology as a weapon of war.

During the popularization of this new mode of communication in Madagascar, opportunities came up again and again and I had the chance to attend the summit on climate change in New York at the United Nations headquarters and at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh with « Oxfam’s voices blogger » in 2009. In 2010, my international activist network reached out to me asking if I wanted to be one of the few contributors (blogger) for The Guardian newspaper in England tackling on climate change issues. In 2012, I went to Canada where I was able to attend the CIVICUS World Assembly in Montreal. In 2015, still in Canada, I followed the Canadian federal election closely and had the opportunity to participate in the activism walk with political activist bloggers. Recently, in March, I was in Ghana to report on the project implementation of the mechanism of emission reduction from deforestation and forest degradation as well as to support my African activists fellows within a strong Pan African climate and environmnetal justice network of civil societies that organized a march against global warming and climate change during the UNFCCC’s Climate Week in Accra ( on a side note, this was my very first experience on the African continent).

Beyond networking and activism at international level. We do not forget that in Madagascar, I organized the first flash mob protesting against practice of dirty politics, initially the mobilization started through sensitization and awareness raising on Facebook, I worked a lot with volunteers from various organizations and Peace Corps volunteers, United Nations Information Center, the US Embassy Press Center, UNICEF with the T4D-M4D Project, the UN Club (CPO), geeks, journalism schools like the ESSVA of Antsirabe thanks to you Randy or that of Mahanjanga which, unfortunately, does not exist anymore according to what some people said.

I organized a lot of training and conferences on blogging for business executives, students, entrepreneurs, organizations, NGOs, traditional journalists, military, etc.

From North to South and from East to West, hundred of people have benefited from this knowledge of 2.0 through the use of blogs and social networks.

This year, the calendar remains busy because we have a lot in the plate such as to organize a climate event called ConnecClimate, to facilitate training and capacity building on leadership, lead sharing and exchange sessions in Malagasy about the positive and negative impacts of social networks.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.


Barcamp 2009 @ Ivotel Ambohidahy


Barcamp 2008 @ Ivotel Ambohidahy


Barcamp 2008 @ Palais des sports Mahamasina/Ebit

Historically, Barcamp started in the North America, precisely the first Barcamp was held in Palo Alto in 2005. BarCamp was inspired by the Foo Camp concept ( Foo Camp is an annual hacker event hosted by publisher O’Reilly Media) that puts criterias of selection on participation. Consequently  Barcamp supports the idea of an open-to-the-public initiative without criterias and selections that rather relies on open-free participation of all. Only one week of preparation is spent in organizing it and it reached out around 200 participants.

What is Barcamp ?  For who is it for ? how does it work ?

Simply put, it is an open space gathering « democratic and unconference’ for public, without criterias selection or official invitation. Any individual, regardless of age, who has experiences and skills focused on common gains and benefits. It is most importantly linked to the use of technology web 2.0 as its sources of dissemination and sharing is very welcome.

The formula is EASY : you come, you share, you network, you gain experiences and exposed to networking with mindful spirit. Nobody is allowed to be a spectator.

Presentation should be short and is not subject to profile organization or institution profits. Barcamp is not a place for business marketing but rather a place of sharing among tech and open source users and developers. Beyond sharing extend, it also drives the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood and solidarity.

10-year throwback journey

The very first BarCamp in Madagascar was initiated by Joan Razafimaharo. Easily the concept was understood and adopted by many and we had a lot of participants at that time . This first wave of BarCamp targeted mainly geeks, bloggers, internet users and any related area to those fields. We had the privilege of  welcoming a representative of Rising Voices ( a branch organization of Global Voices), there was also a participant from Voices Bolivia, which is a part of the same network as Foko Madagascar that came and shared with us. Just as a fresh reminder Foko Madgascar was the first platfrom that had promoted citizen journalism/blogging in Madagascar. The Second edition took place in 2009 and it was particularly focused on freedom of speech and expression and again we had a diversed participants pool of  social media users such as bloggers-geeks, simple citizens bringing up new and innovative ways to develop communities in their own perspectives.

What is next ?

You come on the 13th October and participate

When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers



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