March 10th, 2009


two serious wonded!dscn35661Big confrontation between Ravalomanana proponents and those of Andry near the SBM Bank in Antsahavola.

  1. Il faut arreter la ! Tout ca c la faute de ces politiciens. Laissez les donc s’expliquer et laissez les simples citoyens en dehors de tout ca.

  2. Trop be ty leh!! mitandrema ihany ela ry baina so de maty2 fona any ah

  3. ikalakely

    Oay letie, androany v io?

    Moramora ry zareo a!!!

  4. My name is Andy Heath and I am Commissioning Editor for Demotix, a citizen-journalism agency from the UK. I’ve been following the situation in Madagascar closely, and thank you for your blog which is explaining the crisis to the world.

    I am writing to ask if you would like to post your photographs to Demotix? We are a worldwide network of photographers. We want to make your work seen by the world, and hopefully to get it picked up by the world media (if we do, you would get paid).

    It’s really easy to join the website and post – or you can email me and I will upload them for you. I really want to get the crisis in Madagascar seen by a wider audience. Email me if you have questions.

    I hope you will stay safe and keep telling the world about Madagascar.


  5. pakysse

    @Andy I really appreciate Demotix!

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Madagascar: Is military rule next?

    […] sight of Malagasy civilians fighting each other in the streets, fifteen were reportedly injured. Pakysse posts pictures. More than ever, Malagasy bloggers are worried about the turn of […]

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