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Former president Marc Ravalomanana finally stepped on the Malagasy territory, his homeland on sunday 12th october in the night. A land where his followers call him: Dada, or father. Where he was once democratically elected as Chief of State then thrown out of power by a controversial coup d’état in 2009. A transition government was put in place reigning over the not so glorious years of political instability. This time around, Dada successfully entered the Malagasy territory without the typically mediatised declaration of his arrival. Surprising many of his followers – Dada is back !

Back to bickering 
Dada’s arrival was followed by predictable controversies. The current President Rajaonarimampianina announced that he has been arrested, emphasis added, to ensure his safety. Dada has actually been placed “in a supervised area” to ensure his safety. Clearly he has been invisibly hand cuffed and imprisoned by the authorities in a naval base in the North of the island in Diego Suarez. None of the Government officials hierarchically competent to decide on such matter was present at the conseil de gouvernement that was to decide on Dada’s fate. General Dominique Rakotozafy, minister of Défence, Didier Gérard Paza, secretary to the gendarmerie nationale, as well as the minister of “public security” who would be the principal decision maker on such issues were not involved the meeting. Once again, the lack of transparency on defining events in Madagascar’s political future is not surprising.

Dada « the martyr? » 
Where should we start? A shady house arrest, that was not decided by a tribunal, without a warrant, I presume, thus devoid of any legal basis. It was in fact a decision taken by the conseil de gouvernement, thus by the executive branch. Should we call it a “kidnapping” or an “arbitrary arrest”? Thus in violation of the rights of a former Chief of State, a legislation upheld in Madagascar as well as articles 5 and 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was ratified and implemented by the Malagasy Government.

If Ravalomanana, was a danger to another person, to the population, to national security, similar measure emanating from the legislative branch could potentially apply. However, as President Rajaonarimampianina declared, he had been locked away in Diego on the basis of security threats. In the legislation on the rights of former Chief of State, it is possible to assign military type of surveillance if such threat is suspect and there are reasonable grounds that Dada was indeed in danger. Needless to say, it is only a matter of the most simple research to conclude that Dada under house arrest was an arbitrary decision.

The government of Rajaonarimampianina should calculate his actions carefully since such blatant abuse of Dada’s right is unacceptable even when rubber stamped by the SADC and FRANCE, who in fact congratulated him on obvious violations.

To be continued ….
The contradictory opinions of the international community : SADC and la belle FRANCE

Michaella A’solo
The Hague


Le Premier Ministre des VAZA Omer Beriziky ( au centre)

Littéralement, « Rajakom-bazahy »signifie « le singe des étrangers ». C’est purement malagasy. En aucun cas, ce n’est ni une insulte ni une provocation mais, une constatation des faits. Si son excellence est offusqué, je m’en excuse. Sinon, Libre à vous d’interpréter chers internautes.

Omer Beriziky, pour ce qui ne le connait pas est notre Premier Ministre de consensus, imposé par les VAZA (étrangers) durant la signature de la fameuse feuille de route ou « Road map » par nos minorités de politiciens.

comment peut-il accepter toute cette ingérence de la part de la Communauté Internationale? Pourquoi un homme de son charisme n’arrive pas à différencier le bien du mal pour le futur de Madagascar? Tant de questions qui resterons à jamais sans réponse pour cause d’inconscience. L’avenir nous le dira.

Inconscience pour la bonne et simple raison que de part le monde, un Premier Ministre incapable de trancher sur la vie de sa nation est un homme irresponsable et inutile. Un homme politique qui ne sait pas sur quel pied danser concernant la vie de son pays est un homme sans valeur.

Se défouler n’est pas le but de ce « post » mais trouver solution pour le bien de Madagascar. A une semaine de l’ouverture de la campagne électorale malagasy, beaucoup de personnes restent encore sceptiques quand au bon déroulement de cette dernière (manque de dispositif technique, éducation électorale bafouée, financement non encore débloqué etc.) Certains citoyens vont même jusqu’à aller dire que ces élections ne vont pas résoudre cette crise politique. En tout cas, c’est une insulte pure et directe de la part de nos partenaires bilatéraux.

Si au moins, disaient certaines personnes,  » un Hugo Chavez malagasy était dans la place ». Nous ne serions pas arrive à ce stade de l’irrespect et du manque de Considération. Étant donné que, nous sommes une population hors du commun sur le globe terrestre. La question que l’on pose à Omer est la suivante:  » A qui profite la gabegie? »


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