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A day to make history
Rare are countries that decide to hold the elections of deputies and the president on the same day. Especially elections which will surely shape the future of Madagascar lost in a state of despair. The 20 th of december is that chosen day. A momentous day awaits the country which has been experiencing endless crisis on all fronts; political, social and economic. It will be a day when we are given an opportunity for change.

A broken Madagascar
It has long been a victim of a plague of self interested and power hungry leaders. Malagasy disappointed by unfulfilled promises. Moral values once cherished and respected are now out the window. Values held by the citizens and the authorities. All you need is to walk the streets of the capital filled with rubbish. The authorities did not clean up, but neither did we.

A new beginning
Years went on, the youth took the street promising better lives. Yet the results were an erosion of democracy while corruption flourished. Madagascar is in desperate need of healing. A beginning of an end to poverty. The Millennium Development Goals we are to work towards should neither halt nor slow down. We have until 2015, a fast approaching deadline. If the elected are truly determined to set aside their greed Madagascar has a chance to renewal.

With great power comes great responsibilities
The heightened hype, excitement and desire to assume the everest of responsibilities that awaits these candidates is puzzling. The road ahead is undoubtedly treacherous as every aspect of a Malagasy citizen’s life is in need of a reform. In the hope that the repetitive destructive scenario of leaders motivated by personal gain through abuse of power will lessen or even end.

Vote wisely
Campaigns that inundate the capital praise for the survival of the most popular not the most competent. In the elections of deputies we should aim to be represented by those willing to work toward progress. As for the presidential, it is certainly our strongest tool to influence the development of Madagascar.
Let us not fall in the same trap as before. Just because one is young and dynamic does not mean one is the leader Madagascar needs. Popularity does not necessarily rhyme with ability. Knowledge and skills are qualities essential for leadership not artistic charisma only.

As citizens voting is an essential opportunity to contribute to the development of Madagascar. Before the 20th we must make every effort to know what these candidates really stand for. When you cast your vote don’t chose competence and integrity over popularity.

Vote wisely



Photo courtesy: The Associated Press

Here we are at the early aftermath of a long awaited election day. The 25th of october 2013 regardless of the results was a momentous day for Madagascar. 7,8 million Malagasy citizens to elect their new President amongst 33 candidates. The elections went on smoothly without any major incidents other than disturbance caused by the infamous cattle robbers. Particularly, one attack in the South Ranotsara in the district of Benenitra which temporarily disrupted the elections. But order was quickly restored according to reports by the independent national electoral commission (CENIT).

The CENIT announced the latest results at At 5 45 am: Ravalisaona Zafisolo first in line, Rajaonarimapianina Hery Martial runner up and Rabeharison Roland Dieu Donné (Vahombey) third.

Many, but not all believed an election was a way out of the bitter 4 years of transitional government. Still on the eve of the elections Andry Rajoelina, President of the transitional government, in a poised and calculated manner reminded the country of the importance of a devoted leader to Madagascar. Ironic, when the last 4 years led to a rapid economic downturn result of an endless struggle for power between opportunistic political leaders.

Will this be the end?

 End of a transitional government perhaps. Unfortunately, it was marked by greedy, selfish leaders who damaged the political, economic and cultural state of the country. Malagasy people have been denied their basic economic, social and cultural rights.

Needless to say, the new President will be faced with a population anxious and impatient for change. Change in almost every aspect of their lives.

Madagascar’s political life is undergoing another turning point, dragging along with it hopeful Malagasy. Anticipating for brighter days to follow. Wondering whether this is the beginning of a constitutional order.


Annick Rajaona
Sary: Google

Tsy henatra, tsy tahotra, amin’izao ankatokin’ny fifidianana izao. Ny mbola nanomezana andraikitra any ramatoa « diplomatie en parallèle ».

Nefa, tsy misy tsy mahafantatra isika rehetra fa, eo amin’ny tontolon’ny politika. Rehefa omena toerana, any anaty masoivoho na manao « représentation diplomatique » ny firenena iray, ny politisianina dia « poste garage » no anaran’izany. Indrindra, manoloana izao vanim-potoana mangotraka, andalovan’i Madagasikara izao.

Midika izany fa efa manomboka mitsipaka tsikelikely, ny ekipan’i DJ mpanongam-panjakana. Rehefa avy nanao ny nataony, nitondra henatra ny fifandraisana iraisam-pirenena i ramatoa Rajaona. Dia nomena azy ny fivoahana madio sy manarapenitra.

Indrisy mankony, aoka isika tsy ho voafitaka sy ho voasarika amin’ny tsy misy antony. Satria, ny tantara dia tsy azo hadinoina. Izay indrindra tompokolahy sy tompokovavy, no mahatonga ny tena mahita fa: »Écrire l’histoire, n’est pas une utilité pour les lâches ».

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