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M. Ratozamanana with… « One the of representative of the US Embassy in Madagascar »

This man in question was congratulated for his “work in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among Malagasy youth” and he was therefore invited to Global Entrepreneurship Summit and to a prestigious reception in the presence of President Obama during his visit to Nairobi to represent MADAGASCAR.

As a result of his manipulation of the press, TV and social media, his Excellency Sir Harinjaka Ratozamanana seems to have a rich potential as the next best Malagasy who would contribute to change. We have reasons to believe that Harinjaka Ratozamanana is the incarnation of opportunistic, corrupt and fame hungry Malagasy. Mr. Ratozamanana is a poison to the image of Madagascar. He is a threat to our social development. Here is the true picture of the man sent out there to represent MADAGASCAR:

Who is he, really?   

Harinjaka RATOZAMANANA is not an entrepreneur, not a CEO of anything other than the supposed boss of exploited hardworking intelligent Malagasy. He is not a social Blogger – He is a master of lies and deception – He continues such a practice and broke the community of thoughtful and passionate bloggers by stealing the spotlight to gain some legitimacy. Then started his personal campaign misusing the media to show that he is working for, on something, when in fact he is building an empty career of dishonesty.

There is tremendous anger felt by Mr. Ratozamanana’s exploited associates as he parades around “raising” funds, presenting projects created by skilled individuals. Individuals who unlike him did not have time to publish on facebook photos of themselves shaking hands with high officials, celebrities, popular and rich kids but instead worked hard to create and innovate. Mr. Ratozamanana continues to this day to collect the trophies they deserve. Stamping his name of other people’s success.

Harinjaka Ratozamanana’s manipulation of the media

He is quick to call journalists so as to strengthen his deceitful legitimacy using the media. He has no shame in repeatedly lying and declaring himself to be the brains behind any new concepts. The name: “Harinjaka Ratozamanana” has treacherously become a reference in social blogging, environmental causes, new technology initiatives and now entrepreneurship. One can only wonder what trendy field Mr. Ratozamanana will associate himself with next?

What has he really achieved over the years? Who has he really helped? We kid you not, you will not find a single soul that has felt empowered by this man. The majority will tell you tales of betrayal. All the Malagasy community receives from him are updates on the latest trend he wants to be affiliated with but are devoid of any substance. Mr. Ratozamanana is the epitome of the modern day slacker and social media manipulator.

Harinjaka Ratozamanana’s obsession with fame

Indeed, if there is a whiff of fame and money in anything, this man would sell himself and steal the opportunity like a hungry bear waking after hibernating. Mr. Ratozamanana is a man obsessed with fame. His moral compass is guided by money. He does not undertake these popular projects to contribute to Madagascar’s development or in bigger picture Wordly change, he undertakes them to paint a picture of success without the competence, the talent or anything but exploiting others. Mr. Ratozamanana has collects along with trophies he does not deserve, contacts of the highest level to use for his next conference tickets and funds. To illustrate this, Mr. RATOZAMANANA even made it to the list of “One of the 100 young African leaders of tomorrow.” (100 jeunes leader Africain de demain). But what has he really led? Other than instagram, facebook, twitter and calling out journalists who are desperate enough to beef up his profile and reputation in written press, radio and TV.

This man parades around in national and international conferences falsely representing Malagasy citizens. Showing famous logos, participant badges and event programs on social media as if these define intelligence and hardwork. Mr. Ratozamanana does not attend these conferences on the basis of his merits or the fruit of his hard work but receives his pass through deceitful networking and opportunistic practice. Unfortunately, governmental institutions, CEOs and others with opportunities to offer continue to fall for Harinjaka Ratozamanana’s lies. Thus lessening the credibility of these institutions in wanting to promote MADAGASCAR.

Pakysse equals TRUTH

You may be wondering why we decided to expose Harinjaka Ratozamanana’s long standing practice of exploiting skilled individuals and making them his: « tohatra fiakarana. »

Pakysse, the blog, always stands for JUSTICE. Harsh our words may be, but we ALWAYS speak TRUTH and we NEVER stay QUIET in the face of INJUSTICE.

Opportunities no matter the importance, that would elevate Madagascar nationally or internationally should be awarded to those who truly deserve them. Even if we are heard and understood by one person only about the real character of Mr.Ratozamanana. We have brought change to MADAGASCAR.

Honest, competent and hardworking Malagasy,

who are not driven by fame and could not care less about money but are shapers of MADAGASCAR’s future nationally and internationally, exist in several fields, this with little to no digging. Here are a few of them: in entrepreneurship, amongst the long list of women are:

  •  Hanta Tiana Ranaivo Rajaonarisoa who at 23 years old is the CEO of several companies including one producing beauty products from essential oil extracts found in Madagascar;
  • Miora Raharimanana another young entrepreneur who won the trophy of young entrepreneur 2015 for a business plan related to office management and who intends to expand her projects to other countries, including Comoros;
  • Michaella Andrianasolo, who was selected by the Global Young Leader’s Council based on her academic merits and social endeavor at 15 years old to attend the first inauguration of President Obama in Washington DC, she now continues to work in international justice and has launched a Malagasy based clothing brand.

Amongst the men are;

  • Steven Nary, an entrepreneur who changed maritime transport between Ankify and Nosy-Be thus allowing better transport and flow of goods and people; in other fields;
  • RANDRIANAIVO Arson Ambinintsoa, CEO and owner of the well known GASTRO Pizza: a man who managed to create the first ever national chain for pizzas, seems simple but Chef Mbinina represents the hard working Malagasy pride.

These are only the few silent ones who focus on hardwork, constant innovation and actively contribute to Madagascar’s present and future. The likes of these individuals represent the past, present and future Malagasy. They are the true leaders of tomorrow, the genuine faces of MADAGASCAR.

Pakysse, the blog, stands for EXPOSING masters of deceptions such as Harinjaka Ratozamanana. The question remains: would you let a mindless, opportunistic, unemployed man represent you as the new Malagasy generation? Since he has already landed in Kenya, this time he was quick to run away and bathe in the bitter taste of his dishonesty but for the future BEWARE !

The only skill Harinjaka RATOZAMANANA has is that of DECEPTION.


A chaque fois qu’une pensée pour le bien être d’autrui ou de la société me vient à l’esprit, à chaque fois qu’une opinion ou une expérience personnelle m’est acquise, j’essaie autant que possible de la partager et de vous la faire vivre sur ce modeste blog. La toute dernière était cette action bénévole pour les sinistrés que nous avons entreprise, durant un mois, sans contrainte et dans la liberté totale. Comme je l’annonçais depuis le début de ce « programme à court  terme », aucune connotation politique n’est sollicitée de votre part chers lecteurs de la blogosphère.

Pour ma reconnaissance particulière, je tiens à remercier, toutes les personnes, qui ont contribué à l’accomplissement et à la coordination pour la mise en place de la stratégie et de la mise en œuvre en un temps record de ce mini projet d’aide humanitaire. Spécialement, les « bloggers » activistes membre de l’association FOKO MADAGASCAR par le biais du FOKO BLOG CLUB, le généreux donateur qui n’est autre que l’association DANNY GEMSTONE et tous les sinistrés malheureux de quelques communes urbaines et rurales de la capitale.

Enfin, le mois d’intense travail que nous avons établi n’était pas de tout repos. Aussi, pour la transparence, il est de mon devoir en tant que responsable de l’équipe de vous tenir au courant des différents trajets choisis au hasard pour l’octroi des donations et les dépenses y afférentes.

DONATIONS: 5 tonnes de riz gasy mena, 10 tentes, 100 KG de banane, 450 pains bâtard, 25 sacs de charbon, 100 KG de vieux journaux, 30 cartons de savon, 30 cartouches d’allumette, 30 cartons de bougie, 10 sacs de friperie, 15 pack d’eau

LES FOKONTANY OU NOUS AVONS REMIS LES DONS: Soavina, Ankazotoho Anosimahavelona, Ambohimanambola, Ampahimanga, Masindray, Ambodihady, Ambodimita, Ambohimanarina Ambohimandroso

Nombre approximatif de personnes qui ont reçu notre aide: 5000

Sur ce, je vous laisse admirer les belles photos prises par nos jeunes reporters citoyens volontaires.








Ami de longue date, jeune operateur et professionnel du milieu social dans les zones les plus reculées du pays. Il, c’est Danny avec son association DANNY GEMESTONE.

Une collaboration des plus sincères s’est vue naitre le 27 février dernier ou mon ami Danny m’a contacté afin de proposer son aide pour l’octroi de 2Tonnes de riz, 10 sacs de charbon, 2 cartons de bougies, 10 cartouches d’allumettes, 5 cartons de savons, une centaine de pains batard et quelques pack d’eau minérale. Sans oublier le minibus et la voiture de type 4*4 qui ont été donnés gratuitement afin de transporter les marchandises et les personnes ressources (Offertes gracieusement par d’autres donateurs.)

 Soavina et Ankazotoho Anosimahavelona ont été choisies le 01 mars au hasard pour l’ensemble des intérêts à soutenir pour ces deux communes. Comme je l’annonçais sur mon compte facebook, tous les membres, bloggers et activistes de FOKO MADAGASCAR ont été priés de soutenir cette initiative citoyenne pour faire du volontariat. Comme quoi le leitmotiv était la suivante: « vaut mieux donner que recevoir»

Malheureusement, on n’a pas pu satisfaire toutes les personnes sinistrées de la commune d’Ankazotoho Anosimahavelona (au nombre de 1989). Car, il ne nous restait plus que 3 sacs de riz, ½ sac de charbon, 100 pains batard et 1 pack d’eau minéral. Tout cela, coordonnée et organisée par les bloggers de FOKO et quelques amis de la plate-forme facebook.

Enfin, je réitère encore une fois mes remerciements aux généreux donateurs en la confiance que vous m’avez accordée. Dans le seul but d’aider nos concitoyens, et pour le bien de l’engagement, «  aucune connotation politique » est vivement souhaitée de votre part chers amis lecteurs.


PS : Nombre approximatif des sinistrés de la commune de Soavina : 1701


 Les bénévoles de FOKO en pleine discussion sur l’organisation générale concernant la donation faite par l’association DANNY GEMESTONE.


Bénévoles et sinistrés avec un des responsables de ces derniers dans la commune de Soavina


Route menant à Soavina









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