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Patricia Rakotomalala na i pati ny aranambositra fiantsoko anao ramatoa kely CHARGÉE DE MISSION ny tetikasa TANA-MASOANDRO ao @ Présidence Adriana Rakotomalala. Blogueuse ianao Pati ary isan’ireo tanora zandriny tena mpandray andraikitra tokoa teo @ ity tontolo iray ity.



Mpikambana mavitrika ary nisitraka zavatra tsara maro ianao tato @ fikambanana FOKO MADAGASCAR. Mbola tsy ampy taona ianao t@ izany fotoana izany no nazavaiko ny atao hoe « journalisme citoyen » t@ alalan’ny fampiasana blog.

Nisitraka zavatra tsara maro hoy aho ianao. Isan’izany ny formation niarahana t@ UNICEF t@ resaka photographie, ny formation t@ resaka photographie niarahana t@ artiste amerikanina sy ny mpikambana tao @ peace corps, nanao barcamp ianao ary efa nalefa voyage Invitée par le parlement européen en tant que bloggeuse lors de la journéee interdependante des jeunes à Bruxelles en 2008 niaraka t@ RISINGVOICES rantsana mpikarakara ny tetikasa ny blogging eo anivon’ny GLOBALVOICES. Aza adino ihany koa ny namana Tompokolahy ANDO tao @ RTA dia efa nanao inerview anao @ maha blogueuse anao. I Tompkolahy moa iny maty t@ 7 février iny anefa dia tena nanana tetikasa tsara dia tsara izahay miralahy mahakasika io tontolo io. Paix à son ame!




Raha tsiahivina moa ny fikambanana GLOBALVOICES no nahitana ity tetikasa Foko Blog Club ity 15 taona lasa izay. Fikambanana amerikanina matanjaka dia mitanjaka @ fampiroboroboana ny tontolon’ny 2.0 indrindra ny Blog ary any anaty oronantsary mahakasika ny WIKILEAKS sy JULIAN ASSANGE dia voatonona tsara ao ny fiarahan’ny roa tonta miasa.

Ny tiako ambara dia maro dia maro ianareo zanaka an-trano nivoaka tato anatiny fikambanana foko ary isan’izany i PATI. Mba te hanaitra ny sainao aho mahakasika ity hazalambo atao @ mpanao facebook sy ny blog eto Madagasikara ity mba hijery akaiky io tranga io @ maha blogueuse anao. Dia gaga aho raha nanao hesonteny ianao momba ny facebookers anefa dia olona nivoaka tao ianao ary mampiasa io takelaka io ihany koa hiserana.




Mba hijery akaiky satria, dia tena misy olona tsy mahalala fomba no sady tery saina manimba ny fahafahana miteny sy mizara vaovao anefa dia mampiasa azy io daholo ny rehetra ao andapa ao.

Zaraiko eto ny maha blogueuese any PATI satria, isan’ireo tanora tsy ampy taona t@ izany hitako fa tia mizara hevitra raha ny tenanao ka rariny sy hitsiny raha manaitra kely ity fanagadrana sy fisamborana mahazo ny valalabe mandry mampiasa ny réseaux sociaux ity aho. Ary tsindriako tsara fa ankizy nahita fianarana ianao ka tokony ho tsapanao ny dikany sy ny vokany fahafahana miteny sy ny mizara hevitra ho fanatsarana ny demokrasia indrindra eto Madagasikara.

Tsy matikambo aho raha miteny fa izahay FOKO MADAGASCAR no nanao ny vulgarisation ny tambazotra sosialy teto Madagasikara ary niasa mafy dia mafy niaraka t@ ireo karazana entité nisy teto an-toerana t@ fampiroboroboana azy ity 15 taona lasa izay.




After the -prompt- French official declaration of yesterday, supporting the AU and the government, I was left wondering: “so what?” Of course what has been achieved must be protected. However, it looks to me that once again, as we have often seen now, there are discrepancies between what the IC’s truth and the Malagasy reality.

Says « Jeannine d’Itaosy” which by the way seems to reflect and Malagasy’s opinions and foreigners

Another article that might help decode what is going on behind the backstage

1 –  What have the UA and their backers really achieved?

– allowing a coup regime stay for 5 years by calling it “transition »
– draft a roadmap which is only enforced at 50% or so; a roadmap that satisfies the bribed politicians and not the Malagasy people
– a recent election

2 –  What does a reconciliation entail?

– to be face to face, unless we invent the concept of virtual reconciliation 2.0
– to get the full picture, to know the facts and circumstances of several events in the history of the country, 2009, 2002 etc
– to “come out” and get rid of all bitterness, and other negative feelings
– to offer different perspectives so that “the other party” may understand why one “acted like s/he did or said what s/he said”
– to pardon, to forgive, so that unfortunate words not be repeated again or undesired acts not be repeated again

3 – What do Malagasy want?

– there are different aspirations, different ideas; but I would hope there is a common interest in « the truth”, in “living in peace”, and restore honesty and good governance
– and let’s remember: not all of us long for the reconciliation as this would shrink business opportunities or would potentially lead to social embarrassment (which still seems a behavioral influencer)

4 –  What do UA and their backers want?

– to protect their “achievement”, what is perceived as a defendable, politically correct process of democracy restoration; the Malagasy have yet to understand that this is not necessarily aligned with what they really want;
– to « sneak in” the interests of their countries or their friends’ interests (e.g. Maurice as a hub for trafficking woods from Madagascar during the AU transition)

Exit opportunity

I understand part of the IC is embarrassed because here is a man who has been waiting for their good will for 6 years or so, a man some have believed they have made people forget, a man they believed was playing golf somewhere in the South of Johannesburg, has now appeared like a messiah before the Malagasy people. His biggest fault is to unveil others’ shortfalls. Hiding behind a “he didn’t tell us” is not really mature.

On “he is not trustworthy; he lied that SADC and few countries back him?” Think again; there were promisses made; maybe not in 2014 but before then, certainly.

And on “destabilizing declarations”, he really said: “I’m not going to wait for 2018”. Most interpreted it as: “not wait for 2018 to seize power”. Guys: you’re losing your cool. The man is closer to an admirable genius than a stupid man. Work with him! Make it “I’m not going to wait for 2018 …before I start contributing to the reconstruction of the country”! He is fully capable of doing that, more than anyone. Very few believed he could fly back on his own. Just believe; he is more than capable of mobilizing many Malagasy to reconstruct what has been destroyed. Let him work, he will let you harvest the honor of his work. All will be happy! Or rather, there are going to be many more happy people than unhappy people; after all, that is democracy.

Andry Ralijaona
Washington DC

photo Africareview

The International Community has a change heart

Shocking declarations of the international community via the SADC and France following the arrest of ex-president Ravalomanana, or Dada which rubber stamped the Government’s arbitrary decision on the basis of unclear legal grounds is already in the past.

SADC and France condemned Dada’s speech upon his arrival and merely hinted at the possibility of a national reconciliation. Both seemed to have given the Government a green card to what has now become an illegal arrest.

The exception was the USA. They wisely chose to stay silent on the issue of arrest and instead reminded Madagascar to seriously consider a move towards national reconciliation.

Just two days ago, admist confusing reports of whether Dada incited violence through his speech during his arrival and whether he was under surveillance on the basis of security threats or simply locked up; France and the SADC did not condemn the violation of Ravalomanana’s rights. However, after following the development of the events, the SADC urged the Government to respect the rights of Dada and hinted at a potential violations of such rights. Dada is moving closer to becoming a symbolic martyr for his followers: unjustly locked up for the World to see, victim of the decision of a suggestive authoritarian regime.

Dada is held captive

Slowly rising from the status of Dada or father to a martyr, Ravalomanana’s detention situation seemed to have worsened. The ex-president of Madagascar is reported captive in a Bana naval base in Diego Suarez, North of the country. His wife Lalao Ravalomanana called out for help, and shared her concerns with her followers denouncing injustice and mistreatment of her husband. She reports that he is being held in one bedroom, denied time for fresh air or family visits.

This only confirms that he is in fact arbitrarily arrested. Held captive without any legal basis. Hearing the concerned appeal of his wife and family members: are we possibly moving toward mistreatment ? Or is that paranoid thinking?

Rajoanarimampianina is not all to blame

Certainly, the Government needs to do some damage control. The current President Rajaonarimampianina is unknown for such miscalculated moves. He is a skilled and knowledgeable leader, who surely would have assessed and acted within reason. In contrast, his spokesperson and advisors, such as the trained lawyer Rabary Njaka, surely lacks integrity and credibility. A proof of which, was his declaration that: “everyone is entitled to their opinions” in relation to the measures taken. When in fact Ravalomanana’s situation should no longer a subject of debate: he has been arbitrarily arrested, illegally detained and potentially mistreated. Sir Rabary Njaka, please check your legislations.

Finally clearer on the events and in hindsight, the International Community correctly urges Ravalomanana’s rapid and effective release. Will Dada be a free man again, soon enough?

Michaella A’solo
The Hague

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