Peace Palace located in The Hague host to the International Court of Justice

Adolph Eichmann, Charles Taylor, Jorge Raphael Videla, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Kang Kek Iew, Pauline Nyiramasuhuko convicted; Solbodan Milosevic, Omar Al-Bashir, Laurent Gbagbo, Uhuru Kenyatta, Muammar Gaddafi, Bosco Ntaganda, Joseph Kony allegedly committed crimes ranging from crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. The list of big and small fish who occupied a position of leadership, held control over innocent lives and took their lives away through criminal act is much longer, above is only a selection.

While, Madagascar has not experienced crimes against humanity, genocide, or war crimes and hopefully never will, this wake up call intends to incite our leaders to abandon their perverse practices which result in the gradual killings of Malagasy citizens. The flagrant increase in social and economic disparities is alarming. Too many are falling below poverty level while the middle class struggle to preserve their social and economic privileges. A worrying situation worsened since the start of the transitional government. Clearly, our leaders are continuously unable to fulfill their social contract and constantly fooling all those who believed in their false promises for better standards of living. In the meantime, Malagasy citizens are left victims of perverse practices of abuse and misuse of power, economic exploitation, and corruption committed by big and small fish who occupy a position of leadership.

International justice opens our eyes to the danger of misusing power at any level of authority. Superior Responsibility, Individual Criminal Responsibility, Co-perpetration, Joint Criminal Enterprise without delving into the details of their applicability, all we need to know for the purpose of this call is that these are modes of liability used to establish the accountability of high level individuals alleged to have committed grave crimes. Political leaders, have duties and responsibilities although they may enjoy immunity, there are crimes for which their immunity is limited. Noone is above the law.

Indeed, leaders can be compared to players of a game involving citizens as unconscious players. Even games have rules. When the game is perversely played, these unconscious players suffer unfair consequences. Although crimes against humanity, genocide or war crimes have not been committed on the Malagasy territory, a continuous erosion of the respect of physical integrity, the right to life, personal safety and security feeds into a slow, painful killings of the Malagasy people. Underfeed, underpaid, clearly living in misery hence victims of perverse practices of those with power. It must end.

History evolves in repetitions triggered by human experiences. The repeated capricious and self-willed actions of Malagasy leaders shaped a grim past and present. It is through he identification of common values, the understanding of human values and the willingness to respect those values that leaders should be reminded of. The future leaves room for changes, for improvement. Too idealistic, big words? Why not ! The louder the snooze the more alarmed we are.

Realistically, there will always be a certain number of leaders who will engage in distasteful practices while in power. There are no patron saint. Yet it should not be an obstacle to capture the attention of our leaders to WAKE UP, open their eyes and smell the coffee to the destructive impact of misuse, abuse, exploitation, corruption to the lives of Malagasy people.Disregard of Malagasy people dignity and the enjoyment of their lives must end. We are sick and tired of being your victims.

I am calling you to WAKE UP from The Hague.



  1. touvenant

    did you have to bind those nazis to malagasy leaders ? you reached out the Godwin Point at the beginning of what you’ve written. mampalahelo be !

    • pakysse

      Glad, it provoked a comment from you. That was in fact the intention. Sometimes the alarm needs to be very loud to be heard 🙂

  2. Selon la Banque mondiale, 92 pour cent de malgaches, vivent actuellement en-dessous du seuil de la pauvreté, environ 15 millions sont en train d’agoniser; certains leaders eux-mêmes ou qui sont de connivence avec des prédateurs ensemble, ils n’ont ni âme, ni conscience devant cette tragédie humaine. Ils ne visent qu’à s’empiffrer de richesses mal acquises, au détriment d’un peuple mourant. Sauver le peuple est le dernier de leur souci…Sans compter pour certains les tractations ignobles qu’ils font avec nos leaders pour brader nos richesses. A qui donc vous allez les comparer? si ce ne sont pas des génocidaires, Dieu que çà leur ressemble… en tout cas, bravo pour cet article..

    • pakysse

      Thank you for your comment Rindra. We have to work up the courage and have the guts to compare what is happening in our country to the gravest crimes because a right to a decent life is not only a human right but a fundamental human value, it is all too often disregarded by corrupt and self interested politicians. We need to shout it out: WAKE UP !

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