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Obama Discusses Africa

President Obama Visits Ghana

Author: Faye
Sat Jul 11 23:42:47 2009

Obamas visit to Africa is a significant historical event. He is half African, president of US and the most powerful man in the world. His achievements in Africa would not be as revolutionary as what he symbolises. He will make history. He has achieved more that any serious man could dream. He is on the top of the world but Africa wouldn’t.

Most Africans are delusional about how the relationship of Africa and Europe is and should be. Africans thinks shell or total or Anglo should voluntarily pay tax on moral ground, Europe should share their wealth with them and Europe should not exploit Africa or have an advantage over it on trade.

Perhaps they have not hard about competitive relationship between business and states and countries over countries. That what business do. They want to pay lower taxes and exploit workers. If one doesn’t understand that one most be delusional and Obama cannot do noting about it. If shell or Anglo comes to Africa and bribe Africans and exploit them who is stupid fool.

Why do you think slavery took place in Africa and not Asia or South America because African sold Africans to Europeans for the price of nothing but sugar. If Africans don’t want Europeans to mine their resources let them do it for them self but you know what they can’t do it. Their leaders don’t have the vision and creativity to do it.

If Africa wants to develop it has to compete and not ask for anything base on social or humanitarian grounds. For example if they want free trade they can set a free trade zone in Africa. Hyper increase tax on European good and make a deal with the likes of china and India to reduce their taxes to make sure food prices don’t rise. With in six months Europe will allow African good in Europe. Africa should be competing not begging or blaming Europe for their problems.

Author: aman_20082812
Tue Jul 14 19:10:36 2009

Why is it that every time a country or continent needs help its the AMERICAN govt. that feels the need to intervene and make things worse. VIETNAM, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and now AFRICA. American’s went into IRAQ for the oil, Afghanistan for the OPIUM and now Africa for more resources. THE US says « Africa needs militiary assistance » but there are other things that are needed first. Issue’s like better medical care and more ways of financing people’s needs and better infrastructure, helping out small scale businesses, educating the youth, opening more schools and hospitals, end the GENOCIDE in DARFUR. Why is it that there’s so much involvement of United States and not United Nations. The Africom project should be funded the way it is right now but why is it not being initiated by the UN. I strongly feel that US is going in to Africa for their resources and not to help out the people. Again and again time has shown how the American Govt. leaders have fooled the world by saying that they are intervening to help but it turns out « the help is provided to private companies who want the many resources available in the country invaded by US troops in return for money to the US ». AMERICA LEAVE THE WORLD ALONE. WHENEVER YOU TRY TO HELP YOU END UP HURTING MORE. President Obama this one’s for you:- Are you really trying to help make this world a better place for your own nation or for the rest of the world. Another Yes and No Question for the President. Does the AFRICOM project involve US trying to procure any kind of resources from AFRICA or not. And how does that help children suffering from starvation, literacy rate in the African nations and numerous other issues that are alike or fall in the same category of developing and strengthening AFRICA and not AMERICA.

Author: upliftdarace_144
Fri Jul 3 07:02:03 2009

This post was deleted because it contravenes AllAfrica’s commenting guidelines.

Author: Nappytop
Sun Jul 12 09:01:39 2009

All African-Americans???

Author: thoare64
Fri Jul 3 13:26:12 2009

All might b well but will Genetically Modified food be an eventual problem for those who cannot afford to buy It?

Author: anothermj
Fri Jul 3 15:50:02 2009

I think this is another Michael Jackson act; that when MJ became successful – read accepted by the mainstream white community – he run away from his identity and seemed to be embarassed by his black African roots. Likewise Obama seems to be embarrassed by his African roots especially now how he is just going to make an inconvenient stop-over at Accra, Ghana after meeting and commensirating with the more important white European Superpower Russia.

Might as well stay away from Africa. It is a familiar movie: An African-American Embarassed with Non-European African Roots.

Author: ethiovice
Fri Jul 10 18:47:41 2009

You are talking a lot of nonsense. What do you mean he is turning into another MJ? For your information Ghana is one of the very few countries in Africa that has a decent gov’t and elected in a proper democratic way. Where do you want him to go first, like Ethiopia, who has one of the most tyrant prime ministers who is butchering people every day like most of the others. Good on you Barak, please give Ghana all the support it needs.

Author: kwells43
Mon Jul 13 12:11:23 2009

All Africans should thank Michael Jackson, over his career, he gave hungry, destitiute swollen belly babies over 500 million US dollars to help, more than the actual governments that call themselves in existence. Please you must be one of those dirty ARABS that say stupid things and kill people in the name of your GOD. Get a life

Author: neligo2611
Sat Jul 11 02:47:41 2009

I think it’s grossly unfair for Africans to critisize Obama saying that he is not proud of his African roots. Alot of us Africans have had to run away from Africa because ther is no hope for the future. After we attained independence in Zimbabwe, the Whitwe elite was replaced with a Black elite which is ruthless and busy looting all the wealth and sending away all the money to western counties which they pretend to critisise as imperialists. Ther is no hope for Africa with our current leaders. We can’t even remove them from power using peaceful means. Is that something to be proud of?

Author: kwells43
Mon Jul 13 12:02:42 2009

yeah right

Author: kwells43
Mon Jul 13 12:06:37 2009

As a African-American, I am embarrassed by the contintent of Africa. As an American tax payer, My President, should just let you continue to rot and kill each other, and also to continue to let the western countries rape you of your natural resources. No drive, no ambition just AIDS and famine and malaria, a disease that has been damn near extinct for 40 years. How pitiful to think someone is embarrassed, he is! Don’t forget it. Do something for yourselves, stop disrepecting women and putting up with frauds, especially Darfur, Somalia, and the ones we never hear about until they are starving!!!!!!

Author: 11blackstar
Tue Jul 14 04:15:18 2009

Your ignorance and blatant attempt to portray yourself as an African American is appalling for you might be black but not an African American, you sound much more like an old bootlicking apologist for you know nothing of your African history, you claim to be embarrassed of Africa because of its lack self dependancy, my friend what of the African American woes with the highest incarceration rates, low university retention rates etc…l;

More than likely your a white posing as a black trying to keep us Africans disunited and disenfranchised. You don’t know the true power of the African, you’ll soon see. And if your a black man you should know better thats why I question your ethnicity.

Author: dkanela
Sun Jul 12 07:16:13 2009


Just for the record all African Americans do not run or hide or are embarrassed by their African roots, believe it or not many A/A live, work, visit, and have investments on the continent. Do not let the mainstream media dictate that we are all the same, just as all Europeans are not. The differences that divide us should be the strengths that unites us. In other words we should use our different cultures and experiences and turn them into strengths. We need make our people as a whole stronger, more educated and better leaders. We as a people must unite or our future is bleak.

Author: Nappytop
Sun Jul 12 09:04:43 2009

That comment is so unfair and very ignorant..Barack was at the G8 Summit…We have to meet with the nations that have the means to actually attack the USA! Come on! Also, Michael Jackson had VITILIGO…which is a skin disease….It is proven…his dermatologist Arnold Klein admitted it years ago and again last week on Larry King Live!

Author: kjrs120
Tue Jul 14 23:30:22 2009

Dkanela, contrary to what some people project about Michael Jackson, this man was as proud as any black person can be of his race. Yes, as it has already been stated, he DID have LUPUS which not only enhanced his baldness ( hence the wigs he wore ) but also manifesting itself as vertiligo which is a condition in which one’s own immune system slowly attacks and kills the pigmentation of skin, as a black person, leaving one with black and white patches. There is no cure for this disease, and for Michael who was an entertainer constantly in the lime light, it was simply easier for his dermatologist to apply creams and speed up the disease so he does not go about his life looking like a leopard. As a black person he opened so many doors that were closed to the black community, gave millions to black causes and other charitable organizations that he has gone into the Guinness book of records for having given so much single handed.

Author: caplang
Fri Jul 10 14:15:49 2009


Gerald Caplan July 9, 2009.

President Obama is on his way to the small west African country of Ghana, his first official trip to Africa and, for obvious reasons, an historic one. In an interview this week, Obama, with no false humility, stated that « I’m probably as knowledgeable about African history as anybody who’s occupied my office ». No question. Still, the bar in that particular competition was not exactly set very high. And as the interview demonstrated, he’s not nearly as knowledgeable as he thinks he is. Much of what he believes about Africa and how it can meet its many challenges is simply wrong.

In his interview with, the President emphasized internal African causes for the continent’s woes, highlighting especially the need for good governance and ending corruption. So he argues, for example, that « you’re not going to get investment without good governance ». That’s simply wrong. For decades most foreign investment in Africa has gone to South Africa first, even under apartheid, and then to such oil-rich nations as Angola and Nigeria. In all cases, good governance played no role in investment decisions. Making an assured profit, regardless of the governance system, was the only criterion.

Similarly, Obama insisted that business won’t invest where « government officials are asking for 10, 15, 25 percent off the top ». That’s an illogical assertion. If foreign business- men weren’t only too eager to play the bribery game, those officials couldn’t get away with demanding a cut off the top. Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Congo—everyone knows how to get a contract in these and other countries. Which also should remind us that high-level corruption in Africa couldn’t and doesn’t happen without western collaboration.

Obama says there is « a direct correlation between governance and prosperity ». That’s why he chose democratic Ghana for his first official state visit, rather than his father’s country, Kenya. Heaven knows that the ruling parties in Kenya are brazenly corrupt and dedicated to little beyond enriching themselves and their supporters. Ghana, on the other hand, after years of bad governments following the CIA-backed coup that overthrew its first president, Kwame Nkrumah, can now be said to be fairly stable and democratic. Obama knows lots of interesting things. When his father left Kenya in the early 1960s to study in the USA, he noted, the GDP of Kenya was higher than that of South Korea; today, Korea is one of the world’s great economic success stories, while Kenya languishes.

The UN’s Human Development Index backs this up. In 2008, of 179 countries listed, Korea was ranked an impressive 25th while Kenya was 144th. But the President should look at these ratings more closely. Despite good governance, and though some real progress is being made, Ghana was ranked 142nd, virtually tied with Kenya among the bottom 20% of the world’s nations. Something else must be going on here that accounts for this situation because Obama’s analysis can’t.

Here’s the heart of his diagnosis,: While the international community « has not always been as strategic as it should have been [regarding Africa]…ultimately I’m a big believer that Africans are responsible for Africa…for many years we’ve made excuses about corruption or poor governance, that this was somehow the consequence of neocolonialism, or the West has been oppressive, or racist. I’m not a believer in excuses. »

Well, this is partially true. Africans have for decades been betrayed by a veritable pageant of monstrous leaders. But another truth is that the United States actively backed almost all of them, and if the US didn’t, France did; that’s part of neocolonialism. The west also supplied many of the arms that were used in the appalling internal conflicts that have roiled Africa for so long. Even today, the US, Britain and France continue to remain close to many African leaders whose democratic credentials leave much to be desired.

The reality, rarely grasped, is that year after year far more of Africa’s wealth and resources pour out of the continent to the rich world than the west provides Africa through all sources, from aid to investment to trade.

Beyond that, even if every African country was led by a saint, they could do nothing about the severe environmental and economic damage that global warming—for which Africa has no responsibility whatever—is inflicting across the continent.

Even the most exemplary African leaders could do nothing about the destructive impact on African development of the present world-wide economic crisis, for which Africa has no responsibility whatever.

No African leader has the slightest influence on the drastic increase in food prices that is causing such suffering, including outright starvation, to millions of Africans.

Even a continent of Mandelas couldn’t change the massive subsidies that western governments provide to their agribusinesses. When they’re in Ghana, the Obamas should do some comparison shopping. They may be taken aback to find that it costs more to buy a locally-bred chicken than a subsidized one that’s been shipped frozen all the way from Europe.

And nothing can be done about the enormous damage already done to Africa by the destructive neoliberal policies that were imposed on African governments by the World Bank and IMF over the past 30 years. Even today, while their rhetoric has changed, these institutions, deeply American-influenced, continue to insist on discredited policies that have failed to promote growth while vastly increasing inequality.

I documented this case in a book published last year, The Betrayal of Africa. It demonstrates the twin burdens that actually account for Africa’s condition–their own wretched leaders combined with destructive western policies and practices. I know the President is a pretty busy guy, but it’s a short book and he clearly enjoys reading and learning. Unless he learns what’s really going on in Africa, his administration will become yet another in an endless line that has caused Africa more grief than good.

Author: neligo2611
Sat Jul 11 02:52:37 2009

Rubbish…Simply because aid was given to dubiuos people before does not mean that should always be the case. Countries like Zimbabwe for instance should forget any help until Mugabe and his cronies go….Selfishj thieves…Ruthless murderers…


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