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Press Center in Diego prepares new media

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Press Center in Diego ready to learn new media

Pascal Rakotoarisoa, the AMA President and the initiator of the Press Center in Antsiranana met A.P.C member, at the same time foko member, Stephan at A.P.C Tana by the end of May. They talked about the connection problem at Press center in Antsiranana which was initiated by the association AMA and funded by U.S Embassy. “This would really helped us”, said Pascal, after being introduced to Stephan.
As both of them are members of A.P.C and at the same time Friday talk club, Stephan, as a blogger, could share his experience on how to use new media. But before this sharing take place, a connection would be established. Thanks to the art of negociation, Foko decided to help the association to set it up…which is an opportunity for journalists to enjoy using the new media…